Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yarn - gotta have it.

I know I'm supposed to have enough yarn to last me a while, what with the pounds and pounds of the stuff that I recently received....

But my problem is that the yarns I'm going to need for a couple of upcoming projects are in colors that I don't currently have.

If you haven't guessed yet from looking at the colors of this blog itself, I tend towards shades of blue, gray, and black, with a little white and cream thrown in for accent and contrast. I'm not big on bright colors, and there are some that I actually avoid because they make me look weird.

Well, it just means I need to spend some more money on my yarn stash. Hard to believe I'll soon be needing to deal in many more colors than I currently have in my stash. Worse, no one is selling those wonderful printed, tweed-type, heathered, and self-striping yarns locally, at least not in the weight that I prefer to work in....

Ironically, none of the yarns in the photo accompanying this post are multicolored, either. Grr. Goes to show just how rare yarns like this [Vanna's Choice in Wheat], this [Lion Brand Wool in Ocean Blues Print], or this [Red Heart Stripes Yarn] actually are!

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