Monday, July 27, 2009

Fandom Notebook - my first moleskine-type

[After learning from a quick browse at the relevant Wikipedia entry that Moleskine is actually an Italian-now-French brand/trademark, I have duly come to the conclusion to refer to the item as a moleskine-type.]

Yesterday, out and about with the boyfriend and huddling for shelter under an umbrella because of a most furious rainstorm (that is starting up again RIGHT NOW outside my window), I ducked into a really neat store at a new-ish mall.

I had to go in because one of the window displays was an old-fashioned-type of writing desk with a blotter, wax and seals, bottled ink, and quill pens. And more than that: the place sold everything on that desk and more, such as various types of notebooks and pens (ballpoints and probably a fountain pen or two), book-reading lights (the type that clamp on to whatever you're reading and give just enough light for you to read even in a darkened bedroom), and gift-giving paraphernalia (bags, boxes, small pouches, cards, etc.).

One of the other displays caught my eye as I circled their wares: a display of moleskine-type notebooks. Some were bound in leather instead, and there were quite a few that were covered in colors and patterns instead of the usual black.

But the real find was a PLAIN, pocket-sized moleskine-type notebook that was retailing for only 199 PHP (about 4 USD and change). I had to have it. And the boyfriend bought it for me. ♥

I have now chosen to make my very first moleskine-type notebook into a Fandom Notebook. At present, I keep a few Takarazuka Kagekidan fanfiction ideas in it. I will take it to cons and keep notes in it; I'll make lists of topics to blog about in it; I'll continue taking story and fanfiction notes in it.

I'm in love.

Meet my writing arsenal: on the left are three pens. The first one is your garden-variety click-pen, which I normally use for taking phone messages at the office. The one in the middle is a cartridge-loading fountain pen (not exactly old-school, but it works for me). And the third is a handsome Parker-brand click-pen, which was a gift from a dear friend. On the right, my very first moleskine-type notebook - a/k/a my Fandom Notebook.

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