Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fandom Thoughts 101

Having just gotten out of a minor kerfuffle in one of my fandoms, I had a little time to think about how my own fannish behavior works. What kind of fan am I? Do I set any limits on my fandom behavior? Do I do strange things on behalf of fandom? Am I thinking about checks and balances on fandom vis-a-vis real life?

So bear with me while I perform a little self-analysis. Konata-sama has graciously agreed to cast her benevolent gaze (and pointing finger) upon me for this one.

What kind of fan am I?

- The sort that goes out and tries to find out everything about the source of the fandom. (Wikipedia and TVTropes are really just the tip of the iceberg.)

- The sort that can get motivated enough to participate in the derivative works scene: I write fanfiction, and sometimes I do feeble attempts at making Internet graphics (icons, banners, buttons).

- The sort that goes out to conventions. Sometimes even in costume.

- The sort that tends to be passionate about the fandom, sometimes to the point of being an idiot or a little too hot-headed about it. I'm glad someone called me out on this, though, so evidently it's behavior in need of modification.

- The sort that, evidently, blogs about the fandom/s in question XD

What kind of fan do I want to be?

- I don't want to be a Big Name Fan. I've seen what happens to folks like that online, and sometimes it really doesn't turn out well.

- On the other hand, no fan wants to be ignored in their own fandom.

- Which leads me to wonder, what really is the balance of being part of a given fandom? This is something I'd like to find out.

Balancing fandom life and real life

- I do try to buy fandom merchandise, but really reserve my income for the bills and real-life expenses. (This does not stop me from building a pages-long private wishlist, or fantasizing about fandom merch I'd buy if I ever won the lottery. That's okay, since I'm not obsessed, just happy to wish.)

- I used to let fandom feelings boil over into real life. Now I am working to break out of this cycle, because it's counter-productive for myself.

- I like making fandom friends and meeting them in real life wherever possible.

- Some people turn out to make a living and a great reputation out of their fandoms. I think that would make a great life goal.

Looks like I need a lot of improvement still. Or a better way of articulating my feelings on fandom.

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