Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I woke up and everyone was going "TVTropes"!

Aaahh, TVTropes. Site of many names: the great time-waster, productivity killer, fascinating archive of fascinating media, source of many a story to tell (original or not), something that causes the proliferation of browser tabs or windows.

I've been enjoying TVTropes for some time now; I think I was using it before its great crash, and then I got back some two or three months ago.

The funny thing is that over the weekend, two of the websites I regularly visit suddenly decided to mention it, like so:

Dark Roasted Blend, Link Latte for the week of 11 July 2009

Also see the current strip at xkcd, "Tab Explosion".

I particularly appreciate the joke that links TVTropes together with that bit of Internet prankstering, the rickroll.

I really do find it odd that this site that I like enough to put in my sidebar has been trucking along happily for quite some time and then this week it gets a lot more Internet publicity.

I wonder which tropes I and this blog would fit into.

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