Friday, July 24, 2009

Meal in the City: "Diliman Duo" at ROC, UP-Diliman (First Post)

This is a blog where I talk about a lot of things that I find interesting; one of those topics that really get my motor running is food.

Introducing the Meal in the City posts, where I talk about some recent interesting things I've had to eat, with pictures. I'm no expert at taking food pictures so don't be disappointed if it's not food porn-y - but I hope to learn and get there some day. :)

I went to college at the University of the Philippines (Diliman campus) and was mighty pleased then that there were so many foodie adventures to be had there. (Ah, the joys of Rodic's and The Chocolate Kiss, and our favorite street-food stand near the ROTC building!) And glad am I indeed to report that the tradition of good food on campus continues as newer establishments rise up to join the favorites and long runners.

Some couple of weeks ago I went out with friends to do a photoshoot back on the old university stomping grounds. As is usual after such strenuous exercise, the day ended with us settling in at a long table for some grub.

Recently opened at the ground floor of UP-Diliman's Bahay ng Alumni (literally, "Home of the Alumni") is a place called ROC; I think it's supposed to stand for "Restaurant of Choice". Since I was starving after the day's exertions, I ordered a rather substantial plate: the "Diliman Duo", apparently an all-day breakfast meal.

(I LOVE breakfasts. Favorite meal of the day. I always enjoy eating substantial ones and then being virtuous for the rest of the day by consuming smaller portions.)

The Diliman Duo is composed of fried rice, eggs scrambled with onions and tomatoes, fat and juicy longganisa (sausages), and daing (small dried fish). The longganisa was SO GOOD - it was quite reminiscent of the variety that comes from Vigan in the northern province of Ilocos Sur, and even had substantial chunks of garlic skillfully blended in with the meat. The fish were dressed up for the occasion by being soaked in oil that was laced with tiny, VERY HOT siling labuyo (I think they're called bird's eye chili).

The rice and the eggs provided the counterpoint to the highly seasoned meat and fish by being agreeably bland without being tasteless. Juicy tomatoes, too - I was happy that the scrambled eggs were moist without being soupy.

Now this is a breakfast fit for a king. Sure, it was late for me to be eating breakfast, but this one was lovely and filling, and a great way to cap off a day of modeling for friends.

I must go back and try their other dishes. And, wonder of wonders, I missed out on their take on crème brûlée! I won't make that mistake again - I'll be sure to order it next time!

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