Sunday, August 23, 2009

Atlantica Online: Jiangshi Outfit GET.

So, there was only ever one real outfit I wanted to get from Atlantica Online: the Jiangshi Outfit. See the picture to the left. Ain't my girl smashing? :)

Costumes in Atlantica give some boosts to stats and, of course, change the look of the character. I got lucky during one of the last major events and got an item X that I sold off for the gold that I needed to buy this lovely dress.

The Jiangshi Outfit also gives me the giggles because it looks a whole lot like that worn by a mob in Ragnarok Online. A girl wearing the Jiangshi Outfit looks like a Munak, while a boy looks like a Bongun. Even more so with the matching hat accessory.

Now, excuse me while I power up my girl to level 90 and beyond.

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