Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Scarf Project 02: His-and-Hers Scarves, His Version

The next crochet project I'm tackling is both very easy and very challenging at the same time. I'm making a set of his-and-hers scarves, the intended recipients being my younger brother and his girlfriend. As they'll be visiting from Singapore in late March to help celebrate our youngest sister's graduation from high school and entry into a top-flight cooking school, I'm making these as "welcome home" gifts.

What makes this first of two scarves, the one for my brother, easy? Well, there's only one stitch involved, the double crochet, so it's really more of "no-brainer pattern is a no-brainer".

The scarf is 17 stitches across, for a total of about 5.5 inches; and its intended length is 80 inches.

And right there in the picture is the reason - or rather, reasons - why this is a challenging pattern. I'm using two yarns at once: a heavy gray worsted one and a thin teal-blue lace one. You can see how the pattern lies mainly in the interaction of the two colors:

This close-up also shows a few of the stitch markers that I bought recently; I'm using them in this project to mark off every time I complete ten rows.

I took the third photo in macro mode to show how the two yarns look when worked consistently in double crochet to make a scarf.

The other reason why I'm making my brother's scarf first is because I'm also using it as a gauge/dry run for his girlfriend's version, hence the use of the stitch markers. Since I'm going to do decorative stitch inserts in her scarf, I'll use his as a way of figuring out where and how to place the inserted rows.

I'm making rather rapid progress on my brother's scarf and well I should, the "pattern" being hysterically easy and all. It's just that I have to adjust the yarns every now and then so they go attractively together, and that takes a few seconds every time I make the adjustments. Still, this is very therapeutic work and it makes me feel good to know that my hands are adjusting gradually to this very manual craft.

Onward, then.


Jonette said...

Interesting combo! Wish I could see how it works in real life. :)

PJ Punla said...

@ Jonette

I'll keep taking photos of the work in progress, and model the scarf on the blog, too. :D