Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Updates, 4000+ Visitors, and Yarn Stash, oh my!

Grab-bag entry time! Have a few topics to talk about briefly, so let's run quickly down the list.

1. I finally sent off the package containing the entirety of the WaoHana Project! Had it Fedexed off just this afternoon. Also along for the ride are a couple of small gifts and notes from another fan of the Wao Youka + Hanafusa Mari pair. Gosh, I really hope the gifts arrive safely at their destination. *goes to check tracking number and waits anxiously*

2. I just received word that my Takarazuka Kagekidan package is on its way! I had bought a couple of back-issues of one of the Kagekidan's publications, the magazine Kageki, from a seller in Japan. The seller recently sent me a message saying that the two back-issues are now on their way! I hope the magazines come soon!

3. I've just started playing Dragon Age: Origins! My current character is an elven mage, who will soon be following the path of the Arcane Warrior. I think my final party will be Alistair, Morrigan, and Leliana.

4. More gaming news: Oh god, Civilization V is coming THIS YEAR! Civilfixation ensues - or shall ensue! I should be happy they haven't released the Facebook version of that game yet or I shall surely be lost in chants of "one more turn, one more turn"!

5. I've added a new links list to the right sidebar for "Crafty Things": pattern and yarn resources and the blogs of a few crafting friends mainly. My current prize find is the first link in the list, Antique Pattern Library. A group of people are painstakingly preserving old old OLD books of needlework patterns by scanning them and converting the files into PDFs - and then have been extraordinarily generous by sharing them free of charge. I really want to try looking into their database - and making something out of it, of course!

6. I decided to make something out of the various odds and ends and lengths of yarn I had left from making the WaoHana Project items, and here is what I came up with:

Details and copyrights on this pattern in this entry.

Like the hat? [Photo credits to my partner.]

I like that! A two-day quickie hat project!

7. I'll be starting work on my first real commissioned piece [as opposed to being a gift or a practice item] very soon! And it's a very interesting pattern for a very basic headgear item: a watch cap. I'll be posting about that, definitely!

8. And just to round things off on a lucky and thankful note:

4000+ Visitors - THANK YOU!

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TenTen said...

Yay!! Congratulations on the 4000+ visitors!! *dances*

And yay for everything else too... XD XD