Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growing My Six-Foot Shelf of Crochet References

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I have a policy I follow whenever I visit a National Book Store outlet - or maybe it's more like a plan of attack, a way to not tumble down the rabbit hole of endless bookery-geekery. The plan goes something like this:
> Look at the cookbooks
> Look at the craft books section
> Look at the magazines to hope against hope that there will be issues of crochet or knit magazines (there usually aren't, but I'll never know till I check)
> Look at the bargain books bins.

The last NBS expedition turned out to be particularly fruitful, as among the items on sale I found the next two items to help me grow my stack of crochet references - cheaply!

There is one project in this book that I OWE it to myself to try: a lovely evocation of ribbing AND cables, normally that's done only in knitting. But Davis gives here the pattern for a matching hat+scarf set that has crochet versions of those two amazing, versatile motifs. MUST TRY THIS.

If anyone can be kind enough to tell me what this book's title is, I'd be really grateful; I'd try puzzling it out for myself but most kanji are beyond me, and the lone example in the title has me stumped. Anyway, I got this book because: 1. lovely crochet bags in various sizes; 2. instructions and a template for making mobile-phone cases; 3. flower motifs! I cannot have enough of them; 4. practice for reading Japanese crochet instructions. Or perhaps I should say, symbol charts, since they dispense with written instructions.]

This week I'm making crochet ribbing. :D I never thought that all it took was to work into the back loops of stitches! Learn something new every day, that's my motto.....

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