Friday, February 5, 2010

Meal in the City: Breakfast at Wheatberry, Scout Tuason, Quezon City

I love breakfasts. That is all.

Here's today's, which my boyfriend and I ate at a bakery and cafe called Wheatberry. It's located near my office and is apparently one of the favored places for meetings and coffee in the area.

My breakfast was a house specialty, the Chunky Corned Beef. Cubes of very nice, home-made corned beef with lots of sauteed onions and chopped garlic, served with garlic rice, two eggs any way (I had mine scrambled), and some veg: cucumber, tomato, and some papaya relish (locally, "atchara"). Delish. I loved the texture and flavor of the corned beef. (Sorry, the picture is a bit blurry, and doesn't do justice to the meal....)

My boyfriend had the Wheatberry Breakfast Sampler: house pancakes, potato tots, two eggs any way (he had his over easy), and breakfast sausage. Those pancakes were, in a word, amazing. We both agreed that if they weren't made from scratch at least they were made from a very high-quality mix, as they tasted fluffier and went down heartier than the standard mixes employed locally. Also, very tasty mini hash browns.

We asked for juice to go with our meals, and that right there was the major disappointment: the orange juice was prepared from a local powdered mix. Really a bit of a letdown since Wheatberry has a wide selection of gourmet teas, specialty coffees, and coffee-based drinks - was it too much to ask for a decent juice selection to go with?

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