Monday, March 8, 2010

First Visits: Sakae Sushi, SM Mall of Asia

All credit and blame for this one goes to Jonette at The Hobby Horse, specifically the Ureshii: 12 entry. If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have known that I could eat conveyor-belt sushi here in the city.

Although, while she and her significant other went to the Sakae Sushi at SM North EDSA, my partner and I took the exact opposite route and went to the branch at SM Mall of Asia. OMGWTF yes we were so very far from home! (We were there for a change of scenery, and to see what we might find.)

Anyway, food pics a-plenty here.

The rules for the All-Day Sushi Buffet are in Jonette's post, but let me recap anyway: for PHP399 per head for adults, eat your pick of the conveyor belt (but no leftovers please or you get charged extra). The meal also includes a bowl of miso soup and unlimited refills on either hot or iced green tea. As it was a sunny day, my partner and I opted for the latter.

The first four plates. Yes, that is my partner in the R2-D2 shirt that I got him for Christmas 2009, waiting patiently for me to finish taking the photo. I LOVED the green iced tea and drank a lot of it.

Conveyor belt! After the two Japanese dudes in the photo came into the restaurant, I grinned at my partner and muttered, "Well, now you know this place is authentic; even Nihonjin visit it!" Since they ordered octopus and squid sushi, the conveyor belt started having those dishes on offer too.

A close-up on a packed conveyor belt.

A stack of empty dishes partway through the meal. My partner laughed at me when I muttered, "Okay, kill-count stands at 12." We wound up finishing off 16 plates! (Yes we were hungry, could you tell?)

And then afterwards we walked the meal off - and if you've ever been to SM Mall of Asia, you'll know that that is a ridiculously easy thing to do.

We'll probably visit the SM North EDSA branch at some point in the near future.


Jonette said...

Nice count, but what happened tot he red plates? did they not serve any on that day? :O

PJ Punla said...

@ Jonette

Actually, there WAS. The last two plates we had were red. (Calamares. YUM.) I forgot to take a photo of the final two stacks that we had. :D