Monday, August 23, 2010

"I want to know what it's like to live // I want to know what it's like to love"

Song lyrics in the title are taken from the ending theme of the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA, さいごの果実 [Saigo no Kajitsu / Last Fruit]. This song is also my current ear worm.

If you haven't seen Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations yet, there may be spoilers here.

DVD cover.

I had a rather bad Saturday afternoon last weekend. Seriously, how is it possible to sleep when the ground-floor neighbors set up a karaoke machine right under my window - and were happily, drunkenly murdering a bunch of crap songs? Imagine cacophony up to eleven - or don't.

Since I'd come home with my partner expecting to sleep off the effects of the Friday night shift - but got THAT annoyance instead, there was nothing for it but to find another way to block the idiots out.

And that is how I came to watch the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OAV.

Having already read the whole series beforehand, I knew that this was the turning point of the whole story - the point where each character begins to divulge his/her/its secrets.

Sakura, Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane arrive via Mokona-portal from a failed sortie in the land of Rekort. Princess Sakura has fallen unconscious, and Syaoran is injured. They are quickly introduced to the reason why the world they're now in is named "Acid Tokyo" - the rain is murderously acidic.

The Tsubasa characters are soon picked up by Kamui and his group, all from X/1999. The odd thing is that Kamui is in charge of who are actually the Dragons of Earth from the previous series. Additionally, the rival group is composed of the Dragons of Heaven - but they, in turn, are led by Fuuma.

Kamui and his group are watching over a safe cache of water underneath their headquarters. While the OVA reveals what Kamui is actually guarding, the rest of the series will eventually reveal the extreme importance of this reservoir - in fact, it provides that component of the main series's title, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

The third episode of the OVA begins the major mind screw of the series: why are there two Syaorans? Which one is real and which one is the clone? [Hint: it's in the eyes.] And not just that - we eventually get two Sakuras as well, as recapped in the next image.

In the overall context of TRC, I think Production I.G did a great job of animating this tale and telling the increasingly complicated story. The idea is that everything gets very strange from here - and they manage to weave that theme throughout the OVA episodes very well.

I felt quite a lot better after I'd finished watching the OVA - not the least because it had begun to rain hard outside [thankfully not as acidic as the one in the show], definitively silencing the karaoke wailers.

In short: if you're a CLAMP fan, you're definitely missing out if you haven't seen the three episodes of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations yet. It really lives up to its title and contributes heavily to the set-up for the series finale.

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