Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post Number 200: Pierrot Yarn Party!

Two hundred posts! Thank you for reading and supporting the blog! THANK YOU~~~!

[Warning: Post is image-heavy.]

Around the beginning of August, my good friend and fellow crafter Clair@Crafty Cat pinged me and another friend to ask if we would be interested in a rather special promotion she'd found online.

Pierrot Yarns, a Japanese brand of yarn, was holding a Lucky Bag Sale.

If you go in for Japanese merch or actually live and shop there, then this sort of promotion might be familiar to you as fukubukuro. Which is, basically, offering a random assortment of goodies and bonus items in a sealed, opaque bag for a very low price. We're talking deep discounts on all of the items in the bag. Sometimes the bags contain extreme finds like plane tickets for a holiday, fur coats [!!!], and gorgeous bags. The idea is to encourage the shopper to patronize the store that offers the lucky bags in the hope of getting some really cool swag, and eventually become a regular.

So Pierrot Yarns was offering its 2010 Spring/Summer inventory of yarns as a special fukubukuro promotion and buyers could choose whether they would get "Girl Colors" or "Boy Colors". The whole bag of 41 skeins of yarn was priced at a flat 9000 yen, AND the shipping was free! So you can bet that I pounced on the offer.

Well, this morning Clair and I met up for what we eventually called a crack deal [yes, as in drugs, hello SABLE]: time to split up the yarns. My share of the money came up to about 3000 PHP, which paid for both my half of the yarns and the customs duties. [&%*^$%&%$(^()**_)!]

Here's my share of the loot.

As you can tell from the colors in the photo, we chose the Boy Colors yarn.

Breakdown after the jump ^^

Four skeins of Ami Cotton.

Detail of the yellow yarn. A fantastic braided-type strand.

Detail of the blue variegated yarn showing the colors. The orange yarn is of this same strand type.

One of five skeins of dark blue Kira Kira Kids acrylic yarn. [Clair got the five skeins of a lighter blue shade.]

Close-up on the Kira Kira Kids yarn, showing the strand of silver glitter.

This Funwari Kids 2 yarn is really unusual and very cute: the site claims it's a sort of marshmallow-soft yarn. Gorgeous color effect here.

Looks like a chenille-type on steroids to me. This one's mine!

I think this has to be my first merino yarn! The label reads as Merino Gradation and it's exactly what it says on the tin.

This Poka Poka Hitsuji yarn in variegated gray is a very nice superwash wool. I think I have enough for a hat for my partner. :3

It's like Christmas come early! Now I'm happily putting myself on a yarn diet for the rest of the year. I've got a ton of projects already in mind for these beautiful things. Just have to rearrange my yarn stash to fit everything in!


Clair Ching said...

The yarns are lovely <3
I want more hahahaha. But I agree with you. I'd have to go on a yarn diet sooner or later XD

PJ Punla said...

@ Clair

I still smile a little every time I look at the Funwari Kids 2 yarn (the rainbow one). Feels like marshmallows and air.