Sunday, August 8, 2010

Return to Toast Box: Cuppa Horlicks

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A cup of hot Horlicks is aces on a cold rainy day.

So it was supposed to be a lucky day, this 8th of August - but it dawned rainy and rather fiercely windy at that. Not much sun, but I guess that didn't prevent people from going out to the malls.

My partner and I had gone to the TriNoMa / SM North EDSA area for a scouting expedition today, and after taking notes on restaurants in the malls and some window-shopping, we went back to Toast Box for a cup of hot Horlicks.

I did mention somewhere on this blog before that I never drank Horlicks as a kid, didn't I?

Now I drink it because I find it to be immensely comforting and warming. Good thing Toast Box imports its stocks! I've no idea where to find Horlicks here - and I'm not the only one searching; I know people who actually went to Hong Kong and Singapore and had "get lots of Horlicks" on their to-do lists!

Keep warm and dry, everyone! Hope the rain tapers off for a bit....


Presea said...

You were in Trinoma today? I was there too, but with the mother at sinamahan ko mag-grocery. D:

I haven't tried this at Toast Box as you know I only drink their coffee. Will give this a shot when I get to visit again.

How are you doing so far? Hope the sniffles are not bothering you too much.

PJ Punla said...

@ Presea

Wow, talk about coincidence. Yes, we were there. Looked around at some of the shops, had Horlicks, ate dessert at Mary Grace.

Try the Horlicks sometime! It's very good!

Please check your FB when you can as I've sent you a message.

I'm free of the sniffles right now, thanks so much for remembering. Sana lang di ulit magkahawahan sa office the way this weather is running now.