Monday, August 16, 2010

What do you mean we only get three 90-minute eps?!

...Or, yeah, I guess that's all we have for now since Moffat and Gatiss are, I don't know, getting ready for the next series of Doctor Who or something.

So, Sherlock! Thanks to some friends I was able to watch this mini-series over the course of one weekend.

Sherlock: [You've seen a] bit of trouble too, I bet.
John: Of course, yes. Enough for a lifetime, far too much.
Sherlock: Want to see some more?
John: Oh God, yes.

If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes and the tales written by Conan Doyle [and all the others], you might want to check out this re-imagining of the classic cases, set in the 21st century. Dr. John Watson is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who moves into a flat with the world's one and only "consulting detective", Sherlock Holmes - and the rest, as they say, is literary history.

There is a ton of details, in-jokes, references, and shout-outs in this all-too-brief show - thankfully we'll be seeing more episodes. Sometime in the future. We just don't quite know when yet.

And we will really be needing the next series of episodes because COME ON CLIFFHANGER ENDING what the heck?!

I'm really pleased with this whole idea of Sherlock Holmes enhancing his essential brilliance with modern technology. At some point I actually asked out loud, "How many mobile phones does he have?"

Benedict Cumberbatch nearly tried out to become the Eleventh Doctor, but he had a bit of a chat with David Tennant and decided not to do so - instead he's now Holmes himself. On the other hand, Matt Smith actually was turned down for the role of John Watson here, and Moffat promptly turned around and cast him as the Eleventh. Brilliant.

And how lovely to see Martin Freeman! The opening scene of the first episode is both something to make people wince and something to make people smile: he's PTSD-ing - in his pyjamas and a robe. Hello, Arthur Dent.

I really laughed out loud at the whole idea of Holmes wearing nicotine patches. He's still an addict, but he has to be much more discreet about it now there are *rules* to follow on the telly.

Anyway, this is incoherent but the message is: go, watch, and have fun. And afterwards come sit with us poor souls waiting on the continuation. Hopefully THAT comes soon.

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