Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meal in the City: Tempura Japanese Grill, SM Mall of Asia

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After watching Despicable Me together with my partner, it was time to grab some eats, and we settled on one of our favorite places to eat: Tempura Japanese Grill.

[You might ask: Yes, but with so many restaurants in a mall you don't frequent, why settle for something familiar?

Answer: We wanted to eat comfort food.]

Here's what we had to eat.

As is our custom at Japanese restaurants, we ordered sashimi. We usually eat maguro. While the fish came from a fairly good catch, fresh and properly prepared, we couldn't say the same for the rather limp garnish of radish and carrot.

My meal of tonkatsu curry rice. Good stuff, wonderfully tasty without being overly salty. I liked how the kitchen balanced the sauce mix perfectly.

My partner's meal of chili mapo tofu ramen, the best dish that day, hands down. The kitchen was very generous with both the tofu and the ground pork, and the latter was perfectly seasoned, sinking into an already hearty broth and making it even tastier. I will have to order the version that goes over rice for the next time we eat at this restaurant.

Again, a good meal from a reliable restaurant. I'm glad to know that the food at the three branches I've been to has been uniformly nice. Have to go back for the other new dishes on the menu, too.

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