Monday, October 11, 2010

Scenes from a Vacation

I was on hiatus for a couple of weeks. As you might have noticed, the last blog entry had been on my birthday - and then radio silence here and on the Facebook fan page.

Well, that was due to a vacation. Took some time off, which culminated in me and my partner celebrating yesterday [Binary Day, otherwise known as 10-10-10] in a Chinese food marathon with friends and family.

Pics or it didn't happen, so here's some of the food from the past weekend:

Elbert's Cheesesteak - provolone cheesesteak hoagie, fries, iced tea and orange juice, 8-10-10.

Toast Box for breakfast with chocobos, 10-10-10

Conti's cakes for dessert, 10-10-10

I should try to go back to more regular posting from here on out. As it's almost time for the busy season to start at work, not to mention I've a 20k-plus story to write, I'll do my best.

It's National Coming Out Day. All my love to friends and readers and especially to a wonderful queer friend of mine in the US. And here is a possibly relevant video.

Chris Colfer [Glee's Kurt Hummel] for the Trevor Project: "It gets better."


tinskyhunter said...

Wow! The food looks and tastes delicious... Can't wait to try them out soon!

Oh, and good luck with your story on the upcoming NaNoWriMo! ^^

PJ Punla said...

@ tinskyhunter

Oh, I'm out of NaNo this year. I have a big writing project to complete in October and November, and the minimum word count is 20k or so... I don't think I can do another 50k after that.

...I should post about that here.