Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cosplay Mania 2009 Loot

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Going into Cosplay Mania 2009 I promised myself I'd come home with something: toys, clothes, or otherwise some sort of knick-knack to remind me of the event. You see, my birthday's on 28 September; I thought that I might as well treat myself to something at the con since there was likely to be something there that would catch my eye.

I arrived very early at the venue, early enough to watch several of the retailers set up their booths and look over what everyone had for sale. After purchasing a few cute keychains I got very, very lucky: of the booths there selling Figma and Nendoroids there was one that was selling the nekomimi Nendoroid version of Izumi Konata from Lucky Star. Luckily for me, the price of PHP550 (JPY1039, USD11.41) was right.

CosplayMania2009 108
My very first Nendoroid Puchi GET. Here I've partly unboxed her at home. Eventually I'll start traveling around with her, show her my office and everything....

Edited to add: Have just found out that my Nendoroid Konata is a bootleg version. Oh well. I guess it will take me quite a while to find a real one yet.

I was already in seventh heaven following the acquisition of Konata, but it seemed that fate had a couple more treats in store for me. Several stalls were selling all manner of stuffed toys, both anime-related and not. One had several bins open in a corner and after a quick rummage, I found not one but two purely cute Totoro plushies:

CosplayMania2009 107
My food is here and Blue Totoro wants to dig in!

CosplayMania2009 106
Gray Totoro joins me at dinner, after Cosplay Mania 2009. Spoon provided for perspective.

And now I am the proud owner of two lovely plush Totoro toys! Total cost, an unbelievably cheap PHP110 (JPY208, USD2.28)!

Happy birthday to myself! I promise to look after all three very well.....


Anonymous said...

Hi.. i saw your post at

you may want to joins us at a lot of filipino anime toy collectors


PJ Punla said...

@ niceteryan

I've signed up for an account. Thanks for the invite :)

Abiel Paltao said...

hi. saw your post at

you've got your konata around P350 right? i bought one too last cosplay mania. konata nendo too. original nendos costs around P2000. :D

abiel paltao,