Friday, September 18, 2009

Meal in the City: "Mango Bravo" from Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant, TriNoma

We've already had a cake post in this series, but here is another one, and an interesting story to go with.

A couple of weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend planed in from Singapore for a quick break. Realizing that here was our only chance to actually get things done, my mom immediately set out to organize a birthday party for a lot of people.

This requires an explanation.

My parents: mother's birthday in June, father's in September
My siblings and me: my birthday is in September, brother's in November, sister's likewise in September
The significant others: my partner's birthday is in October, as is that of my brother's partner

See a pattern here? My mom was actually planning an advanced birthday party for everyone else in the family.

As previously mentioned elsewhere in this blog, no birthday is ever really complete without cake. On the day of the party, which we had at a great seafood place in TriNoma, my partner brought THIS to the shebang:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the crown jewel of local desserts. It's called Mango Bravo and it's made by a great place called Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant. See how it dwarfs even the nearby tumbler of iced tea? This is really a cake of ginormous proportions, and the perfect thing to take along to a shindig.

As pretty as it already is, it really has to be eaten to be appreciated. This cake is famous for its wonderful mix of flavors. Lurking beneath the rich icing are fabulous layers of both a nougat-like torte and butter cake, seasoned lavishly with whole nuts and cubes of ripe mango. This is a cake to remember, and it is one of the marquee brands in cakes in the country - people queue up to buy it, and/or take pains to order well in advance so that they can secure it for their celebrations.

It makes a GREAT birthday cake. I had two slices out of this one. A lovely dessert and one that everyone should really try.

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