Monday, October 19, 2009

After-Action Report: Philippine Komikon (October 2009)

I had a brief Sunday interlude out in the city yesterday, out to see the local comics industry gather and have a good time at the Philippine Komikon. Yeah, it's nothing like the Comic-Con or Comiket, but we've got a long and proud tradition of comics storytelling.

Whilce Portacio? Leinil Francis Yu? Alfredo P. Alcala? Fernando V. Coching? Gerry Alanguilan? Yeah, they're all Filipino and they're all stars of the comics firmament.

Komikon October2009 001
Here's Mr. Alanguilan. He's autographing my copy of the graphic novel of his comics story, ELMER. It's a story about chickens who attain sentience/consciousness, and of the changes that result.

Komikon October2009 010
And here's the cover of ELMER. Originally published as a series of digest-sized comics, the story can now be purchased in a complete novel edition. Man, I love this story; I'll have to do a proper review of it soon.

Komikon October2009 002
Artists' Alley: indie and underground comics galore.

Komikon October2009 006
I DESPERATELY wanted to buy this beautiful hardbound copy of Alan Moore's creepfest Jack the Ripper yarn, From Hell - but I really didn't have enough money for it. Damn. It's a freaking great read, never mind that you might have nightmares for a few nights after finishing it. (I know I did.) And do have the patience to go through the pages and pages of notes at the end because they add so much to the EEEK factor. (Hint: Alan Moore has a creepy-as-fuck imagination, but what happens out in the real world turns the creepy dial up to eleven.)

Komikon October2009 009
Yay for carrying my loot home in a reusable cloth shopping bag. I'm trying to do my part for the environment.

Up next: a review of ELMER, and pictures of lunch from Komikon.

Did you guys go to Komikon? How was it for you? What did you buy?


mark said...

I have a copy of From Hell in the original Ashcan format. Great read especially with the exploration of the symbols that motivated Seagull. Hahahaha! We didn't see you there. What time did you go?

PJ Punla said...

@ mark

I LOVE From Hell. I have a copy myself, although of course it's nothing as awesome as the one in the picture.

and yeah, those notes at the end~!

we were there for a few hours around lunchtime, but didn't stay long since we were tired.....

Reimaru said...

Also attended the Komikon, it was my first visit to the convention. It's cool to see a gathering of pinoy comic book artists. And I forgot to buy the Trese graphic novel, dang >.<

Anonymous said...

Didn't go. Wanted to but I had plans for Sunday. ^_^;