Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gelato Cakes!

Yeah, I seem to always be posting about cake, ice cream, and combinations thereof. It's my sweet tooth talking, really.

However, with all the bad weather and attendant plunging temperatures in the city right now, I haven't quite been in the mood for cold desserts lately. Still, desserts often have an inherent tendency to look BLOODY GORGEOUS. And the thing I'm featuring here is no exception.

A really great Italian food place called Amici opened an outlet near my office last year, and I had the honor of writing one of the first reviews of that location's food. As time has passed, Amici (Italian for "friends") has steadily become more popular in the local food scene, opening more branches and serving an ever-expanding menu.

Already famous for its take on gelato (the Italian version of ice cream, made without eggs), Amici recently took its frozen desserts one step further by spinning them off into their own brand: Cara Mia Gelateria. Aside from adding new flavors every so often, Cara Mia (roughly, Italian for "my beloved") has also branched out into other gelato delights.

Check 'em out. Gelato cakes! Dense, deeply flavorful, wonderful gelato smoothed into layers over crumb crusts, and topped with all sorts of gorgeous things.

And, in the case of the Choco Tartufo (the dome-thing next to the "Gelato Cakes" sign), COVERED in chocolate cake AND a smooth dome of chocolate itself! It's enough to make any dessert lover go starry-eyed!

Being a massive fan of Cara Mia's gelato flavors (my current absolute favorite is the new Tiramisu flavor), I will definitely have to look for an excuse to eat a slice of these luscious beauties. I've particularly got my eye on the Spumoni Surprise (extreme left in the picture) and the Choco Sans Rival (extreme right in the picture). As soon as the weather warms up, hee hee hee......

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