Monday, October 12, 2009

"GE.Nobody" Hits Cinemanila Machinima?!

I'm reposting the video to the blog for a good cause. You see, Darrick Regondola, the guy behind the Granado Espada version of the Wonder Girls' "Nobody", put the clip up for competition at no less prestigious an event as the Cinemanila International Film Festival.

You've enjoyed the video, you've marveled at the way he makes static MMORPG female characters dance - now vote for him to win!

Head right on over to THIS LINK to vote. You'll be asked to register, then you can vote for "GE.Nobody" to win. You have until October 16 to vote in!

Please help him win!!!

1 comment:

Darrick said...

Aueee thanks for the pim madam!