Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun and games and the end of November and NaNoWriMo

So, something silly and refreshing and different.

Here is a comparison of two very cool videos. The performers are all doing the exact same piece. There may be Muppets and an otokoyaku singing a classic aria from Georges Bizet's Carmen.

Please watch carefully, there will be a quiz at the end.

1. 姿月あさと - カルメンより - ハバネラ (Shizuki Asato performs the "Habanera" from Carmen)

2. The Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal of the Muppet Show perform the "Habanera" from Carmen (Special guest appearance by Statler and Waldorf)


Okay, here is the quiz question:

Which performance did you like better?


Enjoy the beginning of the holidays! Gosh, I've Christmas gift lists to make and a wedding to go to and coffee jelly to cook.... (All of which, of course, I'll be blogging about - I'll get permission from the soon-to-be-weds....)

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