Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meal in the City: "Big Breakfast" at McDonald's EDSA-Panay

Yes, ha, so you thought I'd never post about my bad fast food-eating habits, eh? Well, no need to fear for my health. I mostly go to a fast food place to eat breakfast and I don't eat these meals every day.

I'm a creature of habit at fast food places: I have a very short list of things I'm willing to eat at any one of them. Don't know why I got so picky, and at fast food chains too. Anyway, here is my breakfast pick at the Mickey Dees:

Many of us are likely to be familiar with some variation or another of the McDonald's Big Breakfast; this is the local version with garlic fried rice.

For a while there in October, the quality of the sausage patty served with this meal suffered a drastic change. I tried it soon after coming back to work, and it tasted...well, it tasted awful. Like chewing burned rubber or something. Since normally the patty was nicely done, juicy and with a small hit of spice, I was badly disappointed. Of course I chalked it up instead to supplies being hit hard by the typhoons.

(The typhoons affected the supply of vegetables too: KFC couldn't serve coleslaw; McD's had no lettuce to put in their burgers....)

Happy to report, then, that the Big Breakfasts are back to normal. I was halfway through this portion when I remembered to take the picture. With this I drink orange juice, to counteract the early-morning grease.

(Why some people insist on chugging *sodas* at *breakfast* remains a real mystery to me.)

I was "good" for the rest of the day, too, eating mostly beans and rice at lunch. I'll also take a picture of it the next time I order and post it for you.

(I can go back to regular programming now that NaNoWriMo is almost done, yay! :D)

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