Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meal Snack in the City: Chocolate + Bacon Lollipop

OMGWTF (and see the new tag below the entry).

I've finally tasted that evillest evil sweet thing that ever evilled in this world.

Please do not be fooled for an instant. That looks rather like an innocent milk-chocolate lollipop, nothing to write home about, nothing special, yes?

WRONG WRONG WRONG. Inside that chocolate shell is a liberal sprinkling of ground crunchy crisp salty BACON BITS. Yes and it's the real deal, none of your fake bacon concoctions, it really is pork belly.

OMGOMGOMG. This is an evil sweet and *ohmygodIwantmore*.

(Of course I can't be the only person obsessed with this stuff. Here, this is what Google coughs up when you search "chocolate+bacon": the first page of search results.

And of course the Wikipedia entry: Chocolate-covered bacon)

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