Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reading in My Sleep: The Joy of Cooking, 1997

[I am really sorry for letting the post count drop some while I've been working on NaNoWriMo. Most of my words are falling straight down the rabbit hole of my novel - I should do better in diverting some of those towards this blog. Two weeks left in the noveling rush.]

As I said in the introduction to the Meal in the City series of posts,

"This is a blog where I talk about a lot of things that I find interesting; one of those topics that really get my motor running is food reading."

When I meet people for the first time I often hear questions about how long I've been wearing them, and the only answer I often give is something on the order of magnitude of "About fifteen years". I honestly cannot remember the days before I had to wear glasses although pictures of those times exist. It seems like I have always had to peer at the world through my specs.

Anyway, so why have I always been wearing glasses? One word: READING. Yeah, I got the four-eyes look in the traditional manner: read too much, read in the dark, read on a moving vehicle, etc. etc.

In this series of posts, there are pictures showing me asleep with a book in my arms - bit of a habit of mine, really. It's also a sideways introduction to my library and the wild mishmash of books that call my apartment home (along with me and my BF, who takes all these pictures for me).

Here's the first one:

The book in my arms is my current prize-winning bargain book find: a 1997 reprint of Joy of Cooking. This is the Irma Rombauer / Marion Rombauer Becker Plume edition. JOC was first printed in 1931 and remains one of the benchmarks of American cooking. Where other cookbooks might have a hundred or a thousand recipes, JOC (this edition in particular) has over 4,500.

And I bought this for just about PHP200.00 - or USD4.29. Yeah. Super bargain mode. I got VERY, VERY LUCKY at the bargain bookstore that I frequent. :)

I've already got a list in my head of all the recipes I want to try from this book. Failing that, I intend to lend it to my sister and ask her to bake some of the treats in it for me. (I have no baking skills and no oven at home.)

Have you got a copy of JOC? When was it printed? What's your favorite JOC recipe?

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