Monday, November 2, 2009

Meeting the Kindly Ones in Atlantica Online

Hey! How is everyone? My apologies for the brief hiatus. I did go and take a quick vacation over the holiday weekend - I needed to rest, recharge, and ready myself for the thrill and the stress of writing a novel for the first time.

Today, having fulfilled my daily word quota for NaNoWriMo by lunchtime, I've been leveling my axe main character in Atlantica Online. The previous blog post already mentioned that the game is celebrating its first anniversary since going commercial. All sorts of cool things have been going on since but I really, really like the current 200% EXP bonus imposed on all servers.

[Oh, and as of this morning, Titan server and the Grand Championships are back online. Hopefully they aren't glitching up any more.]

Today I completed all of the main storyline quests surrounding the world tree, Yggdrasil. The monsters hew rather closely to the Norse mythologies. You fight trolls and gnomes and Valkyries, and a few other monsters needed for mercenary recruitment, such as wolves and seals (seals?).

Anyway, if you're following the main game storyline you'll eventually be sent off to battle the three Norns in succession. The WHAT now? Oh, that would be Urd (the Past / the Crone), Verdandi (the Present / the Mother), and Skuld (the Future / the Maiden). In short, the Kindly Ones personified.

They're plenty tough if you're battling them at the minimum level of roughly 96 or so - unless, of course, you're smart and deploy some tactics against them. Have a title that gives you attack and defense boosts in effect; you'll have just enough time to finish all three within the standard 60-minute time limit for a title. Use good scrolls to kill their minions more quickly; in my case, I used Meteor Strike and Judgement scrolls.

All three have rather massive AoE spells so be ready for them. Have proper armor and weapons.

Spellcaster Urd is the first of the three that you need to fight.

Archer Verdandi comes next.

And spear-user Skuld rounds out the trio.

Having finished out the Yggdrasil main storyline, I think I'll wait a few levels before returning to tackle the Lady Knight recruitment quests. I've already got an LK anyway. Great investment, the LK - it's really easy to see why so many builds include her.

Next up, the trials and travails of the Constantinople Battlefield. *sigh* Guess I'll park my girl in Istanbul and see about the storyline quests. (And yes, I'll save doing the Janissary recruitment quest for when I'm over the Level 100 hump.)

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