Saturday, October 31, 2009


TRICK: Your blog author the cat at her office's Halloween party.

That set of kitty ears has got to be, bar none, THE best costume item I've ever picked up. Got it at a con some time ago, and it's still going strong. I keep wearing it despite the attractions (*shrug*) of tiny little beribboned top hats and bonnets.


TREAT: Atlantica Online celebrates one year since commercial launch!

Read all about the treats, tricks, and shenanigans all November long - HERE.

Damnit, though, I missed the birthday giveaway thinger. The Internet connection was spotty and blechly earlier this morning.


TRIP: As if the pressure of joining National Novel Writing Month for the first time wasn't enough....

That, by the way, is the current working summary and plot of the novel I intend to write beginning tomorrow, November 1.

The "trip" comes from the part where I'm thinking about blogging the NaNo experience. (AFTER I clock my daily 1667+ words, of course.) I figure I'm in a neat position for the tale-telling - I'll be living part of my dream and I have a blog where I can tell about living the dream. I guess I'll try to put a NaNo-type entry every week or so.


And so to enjoy the last day before the dream begins! (I REALLY hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare! Wish me luck!)

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