Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The soundtrack to my life

[Note 1: This post was inspired by this blog entry - thanks, Jayvee!]

[Note 2: How do you like the new background? I made it myself. :)]

After a quick look at the "Archives" over on the right sidebar, I guess I should feel happy with myself. I had a rather slow start on this blog since I was trying to find an optimum posting schedule; now it definitely feels like I've settled in. :) That's good for a smile right there.

Anyway. Today I want to show you what sort of music I listen to. It's a long playlist, currently more than 150 songs strong, and I'm always on the lookout for new tracks to add. This is the playlist that accompanies me at home and at work - and I play selected tracks from it when I'm traveling, too.

Okay, let me just point out a few highlights:

1. The most obvious one, of course, is the weird mash-up of sources and artists. The Beatles and U2 and The Who, cheek by jowl with Utada Hikaru and a mishmash of J-pop artists, and then quirky musicians like Sondre Lerche and Jonathan Coulton. No one will know who Sumire Haruno is other than my fellow Takarazuka fans; everyone knows who the Wonder Girls are. And you can't even see the TOP of the playlist, where some of my favorite instrumentals from various movies are located.

2. I really DO have four versions of "Passion", the theme from Kingdom Hearts 2, on the playlist. (I have three versions of "Hikari", too.) Normally I don't listen to the similar tracks one after the other; I keep the playlist on permanent shuffle-mode.

3. Which tracks get played the most? "My Hands are Shaking" (Sondre Lerche); "Nobody" (Wonder Girls); "Space Doggity" and "Still Alive" (Jonathan Coulton). And that's just the part of the playlist that's in the screenshot.

4. Sharp eyes will have noticed the Windows Media Player interface in this screenshot and figured out that I'm using Windows 7. Yeah, Vista is dead and deservedly buried - long live Win7! ...I should do a review.

5. Yes, I will still be listening to this playlist, with additions here and there, as I join National Novel Writing Month for the very first time. See that "30 days, 50k words, you do the math" sidebar over there? That is EXACTLY what I signed up for. We'll all find out together if I make it or not.

So tell me what YOU listen to: describe your current playlist, or gush about a favorite/oft-played artist, or hell, put together a dream playlist! Now that you know about the soundtrack of my life, I'd love to hear about yours.

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