Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal in the City: A Japanese Lunch at Sushi-Ya, SM Megamall

Con-going can be a hungry business!

After making the rounds of the booths at the recently concluded Komikon 2009, my partner and I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to eat a good old-fashioned donburi or two. We like eating at the various Sushi-Ya branches because they usually can be counted on to serve decent Japanese food. Plus I love the cold mugicha they pour out for a service drink (i.e. it's free of charge).

Here's what we had that Sunday.

Appetizer: a small serving of maguro (lean tuna) sashimi. We wish that the slices would be bigger, but well, recession and all. Good eating anyway. We dose it with a little calamansi (sort of a cross between a tangerine and a kumquat) before dipping in wasabi and soy sauce.

Oops, it's a little blurry. My partner's rice bowl, with unagi (grilled eel with sauce) on top. I'm not quite a fan of the stuff...but my motto in life is "try anything once". I had a bite out of his meal - it was okay, though there were still a few bones it it, yikes.

That's a hefty serving of agedashi tofu up front, with a nice heap of dashi flakes and a sweet-savory sauce. In the background, my customary katsudon. Sushi-Ya tops their version off with shredded quick-fired nori bits. This was a good katsudon and it paired well with the tofu; the meat still had a little fat so it was juicy and tasty, and then it harmonized with the nice earthy/metallic aftertaste that the tofu had (probably from the water it was stored in).

I seem to be craving for some food, so I think I'll go and see what I can do about a mid-morning snack. Being at the office on a Monday morning, with a persistent and annoying cold, really takes it out of you.

What's YOUR favorite thing to eat at a Japanese restaurant?

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Reimaru said...

nothing beats the combination of hot ramen and some maki

minsan sushi trip mode tayo hehehe