Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stopping traffic Changshan style

...That's just how I roll, haha.

I got REALLY lucky last Friday (the day before the dreaded patching >.< bleah). Someone in my nation was looking to trade hir Changshan outfit for a Jiangshi one.

I happened to have one and I was looking to trade too.

So off I toddled to that player's location (se was in hir guild town) and hit the trade button, and below are the results.

Who says redheads CAN'T wear red? *evilgrin*

One hot axer coming right up....

Okay, next problem is earning the money for the matching hat. But then again, I'm guessing people will be preferring to hold on to their spare costumes and headgear for now, what with the new features added to the game and all, including the Clothes Book.

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