Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's apparently called SABLE.

SABLE: A crafting term peculiar to knitters and crocheters, standing for "Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy". A label for the condition wherein one accumulates more yarn than one can possibly use in a single lifetime. More on it here [WARNING, seriously: TVTropes link!]

Guilty, guilty, guilty. I mean, just look at this picture right here.

That's my hoard of yarn as of the writing of this entry. And with an impending trip to an entire STREET of yarn stores next week, this stash WILL grow before the year's out!

I mean, I already know what it's like to be an otaku for certain sorts of stuff. I own or have owned the following:
- Japanese-language books,
- cookbooks, the more vintage the better
- anime soundtrack CDs, which I begged and borrowed and traded for
- certain types of Magic: The Gathering cards, those that were appropriate for that pet Sliver deck my BF and I built during Time Spiral block

Now the stash of yarn and hooks for crochet is ALREADY starting to overrun a box and I may need a large plastic crate soon - and I only decided to get into crochet after November!

This is going to be so much fun!

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Jonette said...

Naku, hindi pa yan! XD
Wait until you start frequenting or receiving more yarn from friends. My stash is now three grocery plastic bags bursting, thanks to hoarding and my mom's presents. I'm thankful James doesn't mind the mini-hill of yarn -- if only the cat would leave it be and not mess it up every time I wasn't watching. XD

Another Dreams denizen is reportedly housing a sackful (as in sako ng bigas) of yarn in her room. And I'm sure you've already seen what other unholy sizes crafters' stashes can grow to.

You are now assimilated. Welcome. XD