Monday, December 14, 2009

What are you thankful for this 2009? // Crochet hooks get!

This year has been an amazing one for me in terms of learning new things. I've started to learn new techniques and things that I could use at work. [And even beyond it.] I opened this pop-culture-and-geeky-Pinay blog. [And am enjoying the experience immensely, even on those days when I sometimes have to look for something to write about.] I wrote a novel! [And I WILL edit it into a proper manuscript in January or die trying!] And now I am coming back to an old crafting love, crochet, so I'm set to learn a lot more in terms of making things that make people happy. [And I have to remember to take care of my hands in the process.]

I have also been grateful for the opportunities given to help and support others. I didn't do much in the wake of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, but was able to send money to the Philippine National Red Cross as a way of reaching out to everyone who was affected. I'm not saying my donations did any great works or marvels. I'm just grateful as it is that we were not affected and that we were able to help those who were in some little way.

I'm also very, very grateful that I've spent the best ten years of my life so far with my significant other. For his support and kindness and the challenges he presents to me, but most of all for his sense of humor and his unending light and love, I am very, very thankful indeed.

Speaking of crochet above, take a look at my newly acquired crochet hooks:

[Oops, sorry, there does seem to be a lot of noise in the photo.]

Since the craft of crochet requires different types and sizes of hooks, I've been on a quiet quest to collect them. ["Gotta catch 'em all!"] My dear friend Jonette is helping me with this, but I have also taken it upon myself to find out about my local crafting outlets. After all, even a nearby shopping mall might not be so nifty if it's lacking certain items, right?

Luckily the department store at one of the malls near my apartment has a small notions counter. In the Philippines that's the generic term for those little places that stock types of thread and yarn, needles, and other sewing needs; there are also the various needlecraft hobby shops, scattered here and there around the metro.

So the picture above shows the three - well, technically, since the one in the middle is a double-headed hook, four - crochet hooks I already have. From left to right, that would be a size 1 steel hook (1.60mm), a double-ended 5/0 and 6/0 aluminum hook, and a size 6 steel hook (0.75mm). Wish I could figure out what classification system the local hook makers use.

Now that I have yarn and hooks, it's project time! *grin* Here is the first project I want to undertake: granny squares.


Jonette said...

Cool! The 5/0 and 6/0 hooks will work with most amigurumi projects, and yep, granny squares. Your size 1 works best for dainty, lacey projects.

As for your granny squares, I found this blogger who's also got a granny square project going on. she certainly loves eye-popping color to its advantage. Perhaps you'd like to take a look, and come up with ideas of your own. ;)

I'd love to see you get started on your granny squares. As for your crochet hooks, let me get around to that this week or so, ok? :)

PJ Punla said...

Ooooh that's a lovely resource indeed, thank you! I'm glad to see that the blogger is using so many types of squares and patches for the blanket. I'm sure the finished project will look awesome!

My own granny square-type projects will mostly be fandom ones: I want to make a Stitch (Experiment 626) design for this lady in Japan that I'm head over heels for, and I want to duplicate or do another version of that Tetris afghan.

Take your time with the hooks. I hope to update soon with my own squares! :)