Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Granny Square Attempt 1: Botched, but posting it anyway.

Because I am a total newbie and a somewhat silly one at that, there are several things wrong with this first attempt at a granny square (read: VERY FIRST ONE EVER OMG), but here it is anyway, just to show that even when I'm in the worst of my know-nothing stages I can still produce something.

That's the 1.60 mm hook, which I used for this square. Apparently in US classification it's a 00, the largest of the steel crochet hooks size 6 steel crochet hook. Reference here.

Now I'll run off and make a few more attempts, and this time try to get it both done right and a wee bit larger. (As you can see from the hook and its implied scale, this is REALLY small for a granny square to be of any real use.)

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