Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Visits: A Saturday at the Salcedo Weekend Market and Rockwell's Pepper Lunch

[Warning, image-heavy post!]

We spent the Saturday of the double-celebration weekend of Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year in Makati. Having gotten up at an ungodly early hour of the morning, we had been thinking of going to Banchetto in Ortigas and then we remembered, hey, it's a Saturday, the Salcedo Weekend Market is only open on Saturdays, we've never been there - let's go!

[We in this case being of course me and my partner.]

So after a quick consult with good old Google Maps we ran off at around 7 in the morning. By the time we arrived the market was already in full swing. Here are some of the photos we took.

Lots of fruits and fresh produce. As expected the fruits and round stuff were moving very quickly, because it was the Chinese New Year.

Seafood! (I heard that particular joke a LOT this weekend.) I can't wait for next month when the crabs and the really good shellfish come into season - I foresee MARVELOUS eating ahead!

Lion dancers. They were booked for the whole day of the market, apparently. All the kids - and there were a lot of them - thoroughly enjoyed following these nimble dancers around.

Food and goodies after the cut!

I had such a HARD time trying to decide what to eat at the Salcedo Weekend Market. Finally, my partner made the sensible suggestion of "eat what you can't get anywhere else". On the first circuit we made around the market we had stopped to watch the guys of Gigi La Crepe as they made these wonderful galettes packed with good stuff - so I decided I might as well order my breakfast from them.

I forget what this is called but this is the apparent full special: buckwheat galette enclosing a fried egg, a slice of ham, and a slice of cheese, then topped off with another fried egg and served with a whole pork sausage and a simple salad on the side.

And the verdict on this meal? ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. Hearty and sooooo good. The sausage won our approval because it was practically smothered in garlic and pepper. And the tomatoes! Whew! Good simple food. The galette was cooked so beautifully, enclosing its protein load in a delicious package. I will want to eat this again!

My partner had a breakfast of Swedish meatballs in a cream gravy with a side of potatoes Anna, and then we shared a Wagyu beef shawarma and a gorgeous macaron.

After all that food we had to go and do something else, so we ran off next to Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati, to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. As I haven't yet read the books I only carried my own stock of knowledge about the Greek myths into the theater - I was a big Edith Hamilton geek and wore my copy of her mythology book to near-shreds. (Pages falling out, food stains, etc. etc. I carried that book everywhere.)

Good movie although the mention of "Hercules" irked me a bit. Look, if we're talking Greek myths then call him by his Greek name, okay? It's Herakles.

Anyway, the REAL reason we saw the movie at Rockwell was because we thought of queuing up for a meal at Pepper Lunch. As it turned out we didn't need to get in line, and we managed to eat in one of the booths.

His-and-her lunch time: I ordered the specialty of the house, the Beef Pepper Lunch.

And he got the Chicken Pepper Lunch, with extra curry powder. He also got a bowl of miso soup to share.

Both meals were excellent by the way!

I-I'm glad we don't live near any of the Pepper Lunch branches. (We live in QC and the nearest one has got to be the one in Ortigas, still a LONG way from us.) If it did I'd likely be eating there a LOT!

Happy Valentine's Day, Year of the Tiger, and Vancouver Olympics 2010, everyone! :D

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