Wednesday, February 10, 2010

O tempora o mores!

Here's a subject that's increasingly encroaching on my conversations with my significant other, my friends online and off-, and, well, I might as well give the game away and say that this has been the theme of conversations with members of my own generation at present:

Damn, we're getting OLD.

I think it was the local snarkmeister Jessica Zafra who said something along the lines of, "Don't you just HATE it when a song comes on the radio and everyone else thinks it's such an edgy original, great sound, good performance - but you KNOW you have it on CASSETTE TAPE and you first heard it on your WALKMAN - and you're the only one who knows that song is a REMAKE?"

Case in point: "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning". I recognized it immediately as the song from the George Clooney/Chris O'Donnell Batman & Robin movie right off the bat during the Watchmen trailers. Well, I guess it was just me, since apparently, a lot of younger fans thought that it was a NEW Smashing Pumpkins song.

Cue the reactions: O_o @.@ >.< *facepalm*

And what about the proliferation of those girls and boys dressed up like goth-lolis and trucker-hat emos, eh? So the Philippines finally has its own local definition of weeaboo: people who watch only stuff like Naruto and Bleach and dress up like poor imitations of gothic lolitas, but wouldn’t know what an odango was if it hit them in the face with a matching cry of Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!

And what about those of us who make affectionate jokes about Say My Name? Everyone thinks it began with


but long before that (in 1978!) there was


Which got localized to


And even before that there was


It's so difficult to realize that the world has passed me by and most of the things that I knew and loved and grew up with have pretty much receded into the mists of history – if it hasn’t been bastardized by clueless remakes, that is.

And now I shall do as Lady Oscar does and get myself a drink, too. I think I need it.

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