Friday, March 26, 2010

Because I am a proud big sister...

...and because hail, hail, the family's all here.

Meet my family. From left to right, that would be Papa, me, Mommy, younger sister, and my younger brother.

Two days ago my sister graduated from high school. Near the top of her class, as you can tell from all the hardware dangling on her chest. That's a whopping eleven medals. And along with her diploma came citations for finishing extra-credit courses in math and science. (The way she explained them to me, it sounded a whole lot like Advanced Placement classes.)

Those awards even provided a couple of comedy moments at the graduation because she and all the similarly bemedaled ones clanked while they were walking! The audience of family and friends really got a good laugh out of the sound effects....

You're probably wondering, hang on, we know you're in your late twenties, how old is your sister if she's just graduating from high school? The answer is that the age gap between us is a whopping eleven years. My sister is young enough and so far away from me in terms of age that she IS in another generation entirely.

As for my brother, he and I were born about one year apart. He and his girlfriend flew in especially for the occasion of our sister's graduation, and he'll be staying for another couple of weeks before returning to their apartment and jobs in Singapore.

You can really tell in this picture who takes after whom, particularly around the faces and, rather more obviously, our heights!

Congratulations to my sister and best of luck on entering culinary school! And a great big welcome home to my brother!

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