Sunday, March 28, 2010

I haven't quite gone crazy yet, I swear

When I got started on the whole crochet madness thing one of the first things I tried to make was that tried-and-tested everybody-knows-it's-crochet motif: the granny square. Of course I was overestimating my own abilities. See the sorry result here: Granny Square Attempt 1: Botched, but posting it anyway. The blog post's title says it all, really!

Well, finally, I think I've learned how to do it RIGHT. I simply followed a new set of instructions, available online here.

Large, rather square-looking, and with color changes to boot. I made them yesterday to use up the last bits of two of my yarns: Lion Brand Cotton in Navy, and Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Turquoise.

Each square measures just under four inches on each side, and took less than thirty minutes to make.

Four squares isn't enough to do anything with yet, but that's the beauty of this beloved motif. If I had twelve or eighteen of these squares, I could make a purse [six or nine squares a side]; double those numbers, and I would have a nice bag. Twenty squares arranged in two long rows would make a rather neat table runner. And if I decided to make about fifty squares, I would have the makings of a handsome throw!

I wonder if I should shoot for that latter goal? First I'll need to buy yarn, though. I could probably get ten or twelve squares out of two skeins....


Jonette said...

Nice! I've never tried making granny squares before, so I'll tell you they look really nice and comfy to look at! Somehow, they make me think they're really soft. (or is it because it's Cotton-Ease? hmmm...)

PJ Punla said...

@ Jonette

Thanks for liking these granny squares, even if they're a bit lopsided XD

They're not exactly soft, but they're not rigid either. I think it's my tensioning - I kind of crochet tightly, so these can hold their shape.