Monday, March 1, 2010

Crochet First Commissioned Project: Watch Cap: COMPLETE! (Extra: Magazines!)

A week ago I found myself in an unlikely and unexpected position: someone at the office commissioned me to make him a man's cap. I say "unlikely and unexpected" because that was really the last thing on my mind at the time - making up crochet projects to order, I mean.

This person wanted something to keep his head and ears warm, since he was going to be doing a bit of traveling on the weekends and the climate control on the long-haul buses tended to be a bit on the Arctic side.

"Something like a tuque?" I asked.

[If you don't want to click on the link, here's a hint: U2. The Edge. What's that on his head? Seems he never takes it off when he's in any sort of public situation....]

"Yes. Can I commission you to make me one?"

And now here is the completed watch cap project. I took my directions from what seems to be an ongoing idea to send headgear of this sort to soldiers at war, called "Operation Toasty Toes" [and heads, I suppose, this project being a hat and not, say, socks].

I made this version with what the pattern calls a "Navy brim" - I guess that would be for the extra-wide brim size? I love the "ribbed" effect, which is done in such a simple and clever style.

The Navy brim flipped up. Pattern here.

I hope to present the cap to its intended recipient as soon as it's all dried and nice. [I washed it late last night.]

Also, check it out! After my lament on the lack of crochet magazines in book stores I finally got lucky - I scored these three titles today, after a search in two used-books outlets. So nice that they're so recent, too. More resources is always good, I say!

I'm going to have to start thinking seriously about that list of projects that people can commission from me.

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