Thursday, March 4, 2010

March is National / International Crochet Month?!

Okay, in my defense, I have been plenty preoccupied lately, but it's a little odd that I didn't know that there was such a thing as National / International Crochet Month. Or, as the Crochet Liberation Front puts it, NatCroMo (yep, it is exactly the same sort of shortening as in NaNoWriMo).

PDF File on the Crochet-Along, March 2010, Crochet Guild of America

Hmm, what shall I make to join this Crochet-Along? I've been thinking about creating a scarf for myself. Maybe a skinny scarf in two shades of blue? *thinking*

So, to mark the month, here are a few choice links and neat things.

See, now this is just amazing and inspiring. Crochet makes it all the way to TED in this 2009 TED talk on crochet, hyperbolic geometry, and the Institute For Figuring (IFF), given by one of its co-directors, Margaret Wertheim. It's almost 17 minutes of pure awesome.

Next, in the entry about the crocheted watch cap I briefly mentioned my new stash of crochet magazines. While I was browsing the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Crochet Today! my attention was caught by the issue's theme of being environmentally friendly. It turns out there's a ton of great yarns out there that are either recycled from other fabrics or are made from environmentally sustainable materials. Not to mention several brands and product lines of crochet hooks in bamboo.

I wish there was some way to bring stuff like the Red Heart ECO Yarns, the Lion Brand Recycled Cotton Yarn, and, of course, the Susan Bates Bamboo and Bamboo and Aluminum Hooks here to the Philippines. I'm sure my fellow crocheters here would appreciate the greening trends in crochet.

Bamboo crochet hooks are easy on the hands, gorgeous to look at, and Earth-friendly!

Did you know that crochet in itself is a "green" craft? If done during the daytime, crocheting does not use up any electricity or resources of any kind - only human power.


Daina said...

celebrating "crochet month" you may be interested in this book endorsed by Gwen Kinsler among others - please look inside:

PJ Punla said...

@ Daina

I am interested, yes, and I'll see about ordering the book locally. Not sure I've seen it here in the Philippines.

I've attempted a hyperbolic crochet project already and it's posted here on the blog.

(Are you the doctor? :) )