Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two by two, scarf of blue

After a whole bunch of scarf projects ranging from the first crochet project I ever completed, a pair of six-feet scarves, and a scarf of the fangiftish persuasion, I'm finally working on making a scarf for myself.

Here's the first end section of the scarf, in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (Turquoise). Technically this qualifies as a stash-diving project because I had this particular skein left over from the WaoHana Project.

First end section after 18 inches, after which I joined the yarn for the main body of the scarf: Lion Brand Cotton in Navy. After a sufficient length of this (the current target being either 24 or, for preference, 36 inches), I'll re-join the Turquoise Cotton-Ease to do the second 18-inch end section.

The scarf last night. You can see I've already put in a good-sized chunk of the Navy section. The goal here is to make either a six-foot scarf of my very own, or if the yarn falls short, something close to it. If the Navy section measures 24 inches, I'll have a five-foot scarf; if it measures 30, I'll have a five-and-a-half-foot scarf; if 36, six.

I'm not really using a pattern here, I'm just using a stitch I picked up from my copy of the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. I suppose there is a pattern to be found in the fact that the scarf is composed of two blocks of blue? (Hence the allusion to River Tam's particular set of Furies in the post title.)


Geeky greetings:

> Happy Pi Day!

> Happy birthday, Albert Einstein!

> And gentlemen, please remember to give back to the ladies in your life: today is White Day!

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