Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Scarf Project 01: COMPLETE!

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And now my first crocheted scarf ever is DONE!

I finished my first scarf last night! I'd been working on it during the downtimes at the office for the past couple of days or so. Last night I measured the scarf out of curiosity - and when the tape measure said "51 inches", I GASPED and decided I'd do the last few inches right there and then!

I finished the scarf at around 10:30 in the evening last night, almost exactly one week from its starting date (30 December 2009).

Instructions after the break!

This is the sample swatch I put together to establish the pattern of the scarf: two bands of double crochet alternating with two bands of triple crochet.

Hooks used: 5.0 mm (size H) for the foundation chain / 3.75 mm (size F) for the rest of the scarf

Yarn: Lion Brand Solid 100% Pure Cotton Worsted Weight in Black, 5 oz/142 grams and 236 yd/215 m

Abbreviations: ch = chain stitch; dc = double crochet; tr = triple (or treble) crochet

Gauge: 4 dc = 1 inch

Ch 21.
Row 1 - Insert hook in 3rd ch from hook, *1 dc in each ch* 18 times. Ch 3 and turn.
Row 2 - Insert hook in 2nd dc, *1 dc in each dc* 18 times. Ch 4 and turn.
Row 3 - Insert hook in 2nd dc, *1 tr in each dc* 18 times. Ch 4 and turn.
Row 4 - Insert hook in 2nd tr, *1 tr in each tr* 18 times. Ch 3 and turn.
Continue alternating the bands of 2 rows dc and 2 rows tr. Work until scarf is about 60 inches in length, making sure to end on a band of 2 rows dc. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I ran a little short on the yarn, so the length of this finished project is 56 inches total. I think if I'd been more skilled I would have actually managed to get to 60 inches....

I immediately went and washed the scarf last night in a mix of mild shampoo and cold water, gently squeezed out all the water (DO NOT WRING!), and then hung it up to dry. Hopefully my boyfriend, for whom this scarf was intended all along, can wear it to his shift later tonight!

Okay, next? :D


Anonymous said...

You made the hat a while back, yeh?

PJ Punla said...


Are we talking about the red-orange-yellow hat? Not yet. It's someone else's design that I plan to make in the future, but right now I'm focused on scarves and hair ornaments....

Jonette said...

yay! omedetou! :)

PJ Punla said...

@ Jonette

thank you so much for the enabling and the encouragement!