Monday, January 4, 2010

The Scarf Project 01: Halfway There

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I spent yesterday, the last day of my holiday vacation, with my boyfriend at UP-Diliman. It being the Sunday before everyone goes back to work, lots of other people were also taking advantage of the breezy weather to catch a last hurrah with their families. There were kids and dogs and people flying kites and a whole bunch of bikers. We sat in the Sunken Garden, watched the soccer and touch football players, took in the air, and talked, and all the while I was happily working on the scarf. Here's where I was when we packed up:

(Apologies for the grainy picture quality; this was taken with the dinky 1.3MP camera on my mobile phone.)

And now, here is the result of three days of on-and-off work on the scarf. I have to say, it's VERY satisfying to have gotten this far already.

That, folks, is the scarf at the halfway mark (and change). The intended length is 60 inches, so I'm really getting there.

There was much celebration in the air before I went to sleep. Having all that progress to show - and I'm not even working full-time on the scarf - has really made me happy. Remember, this is my first project. And it makes me even happier that its intended recipient seems pleased with its looks.

I hope to finish the scarf within the next week, and present it proudly to the boyfriend to wear to...well, to the office, for going out, and for all occasions.

Next projects: a hat for me - preferably a beret, for which I am already shopping for patterns; probably one more scarf for my brother, and a pretty bag for his girlfriend. Oh, and the Jayne Cobb hat. Mustn't forget that!

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Jonette said...

eeeeexcellent. Keep going! There's still so many projects out there waiting for you! :D