Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5,000 Hits GET!

I am seriously thinking about putting together something for this blog and all its friends, readers and visitors, because it's these wonderful people who have been supporting it for all the time it's been around.

Would anyone be interested in a giveaway or something? Like I could make a scarf or a hat for the winner of a competition centered on this blog? I'm serious, you know. I'll run off and make plans forthwith, and you, friends, will be the first to know what happens next.

Thank you so much for reading!


Joel Tan said...

Gratz, PJ! :)

Again, apologies for what happened in Manila.

Will make it up to you and the Gentle Giant next time I'm in town.


PJ Punla said...

@ Joel

Thank you!

As we said, it was more important that you got to spend time with your extended family. We hope you had a great weekend.