Monday, April 19, 2010

Crochet Hooks Galore

An almost-completed collection of crochet hooks [non-steel ones].

B-1 [2.25mm]
C-2 [2.75mm]
D-3 [3.25mm]
E-4 [3.50mm]
F-5 [3.75mm]
G-6 [4.00mm]
H-8 [5.00mm]
I-9 [5.50mm]
J-10 [6.00mm]
K-10.5 [6.50mm]
L-11 [8.00mm]
M-13 [9.00mm]
N-15 [10.00mm]

No, it's not a code. It's just a list of the hooks in the above photograph, arranged in ascending order from left to right.

With the arrival of the newest items - that would be the first four in the list - I'm pleased to announce that my battery of crochet hooks is pretty much complete.

I am a happy crochet geekette, yes I am. I'll just run along and go work up a few projects, shall I? :D Catch you on the other side.

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