Tuesday, April 6, 2010

News and Notes from A Strange Weekend

Friday: This was the first time I'd been to work on Good Friday in a few years. [The last time I did it, I was working at Convergys.] Had to settle for eating fast food because Eastwood City, where the office is located, was mostly closed down.

Very disappointing, that. And to think that the place is just teeming with call centers and BPO offices. So everyone who was working over the Holy Week had to eat fast food if they hadn't thought to bring their own snacks.

The bright spot at the end of that shift was my partner deciding he was bored out of his mind at home [because unlike me, he'd had Good Friday off] and coming to pick me up.

Saturday: After a nap and a little time trying to figure out where to watch, we headed out again, this time to catch Clash of the Titans at TriNoMa. General commentary and myth-y geeking out of the disappointed kind here.

We DID get a decent meal out of it, though, as we had dinner at North Park.

Sometimes we are REALLY lucky in terms of going out to eat - we come in just before the crowds, so we get to pick a proper table or booth to eat in and manage to order something before everyone else does.

Sunday: For Easter Sunday, we were meeting a dear friend of ours because she had recently gotten started on crochet, and I had a few spare skeins of various shades of pink yarn rolling around unused in my stash. Rather than letting the yarn go unused, I decided to sell the yarn to my friend. We met up at our neighborhood mall; we were craving yum cha and Chinese food in general, so we met up at a place called Go Fan.

Big mistake as it turned out. The staff filled an order for appetizers and drinks just fine, but screwed up a large order of main and side dishes. All three of us took turns chewing out the hapless manager, rolling roughshod over his feeble pass-the-buck protests, and walked out after irritably settling the bill.

[We shouldn't have paid for anything, since they really fouled up the food order something fierce, but my partner is an honorable man and insisted that they should still get something. If it had been up to me and my friend, we'd have cut and run, and that was the LEAST that place deserved.]

Anyway, we found a much better meal of proper buffalo wings and pizza at a place called Carlo's Pizza, and spent a few hours happily catching up. We did manage to recover from the Chinese-food debacle....

Monday: As Easter Monday is a holiday in France, I didn't have to go to the office [it was CLOSED!] - so I spent my night playing through Dragon Age: Origins. I have a female Elf mage and she now has the Arcane Warrior Specialization. Yes, she's in a relationship with Alistair; I think his sense of humor is all right in a few spots. Plus there was that WTF?! moment when he makes reference to BOTH Youko Kurama [Yu Yu Hakusho] and Tuxedo Kamen [Sailor Moon] - wow, are BioWare geeks or no?


Food for thought, which I find very crafty and adorable: Truckers Pick Up Quilting and Knitting. One of the guys quoted in there is a TOTAL thread geek, or I'm chopped liver....

And a rather neat idea for hookers: DIY Easy Comfort Crochet Hooks. So I guess I will try this one on for size and then get to sewing up my very own roll-up storage for my hooks....

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