Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Starry eyes and star-studded ideas

So I once talked about something I'd found out that reminded me very much of Der Tod from the musical Elisabeth.

Well, now, I've run across an interesting set of articles that has to do with Sissi herself. [I should be using "Sisi", but for consistency's sake I'll stick with the spelling I started with.]

Writing about being on the trail of one of the world's most ingenious thieves, Wired Magazine wrote up an article about this man and his attempts at stealing various valuable items and huge sums of money - and opens the article with the theft of the Koechert Diamond Pearl - or what is otherwise known as one of the last remaining Sisi Stars.

Here is a lovely painting of Empress Elisabeth, with some of the stars crafted for her to wear in her hair.

So that got me to thinking, I wonder if it was possible to create a crochet version of the Sisi Stars? And in my searching I first came across this tutorial:

How to crochet a ten-pointed star. It has a lovely ruffle-like quality and a lot of space to sew beads into.

If I started with the White and Aran versions of this yarn type, made ten-pointed stars, and then went on to sew in some really magnificent sparkling beads...I wonder how close I could get to crafting some of those stars? :D

I have really got to try this project some time.

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