Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ten-pointed crochet star - first attempt!

Well, gee, blogger-lady, that post title just says it all, doesn't it?

As soon as I had some free time to work in, I went ahead and made a first attempt at the ten-pointed crochet star that I mentioned in the previous entry.

The amazing thing is that it looks damn GOOD already and I've only done two rounds of the ten points of the star! According to the video tutorial, there should be four rounds of the star points. AND, given enough yarn, it's possible to simply keep on adding star-point rounds to the pattern to make it into something really big and gorgeous!

Just as it is, the star makes for a very beautiful motif, something to build onto or sew onto something else. Although one must be careful - the way the star is constructed, it really will become rather ruffle-y, so it cannot be made to lie flat unless one carefully blocked it.

Another thing I found out while completing this motif was that if done in worsted-weight yarn, it is simply too big to turn into a hair ornament. One motif is enough to wear in the hair as a large accent. I guess I will need a much finer yarn to create a smaller version of this star, such that it becomes possible to wear two or three of them in the hair at a time.

Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with how this first attempt has turned out. I must make more.

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