Friday, April 9, 2010

This week's post o' fannish doom

[Pictures ahead!]

I...I think I'll be able to purchase this gorgeous magazine book, or mook as the Japanese call it, very soon! This is the mook "The Takarazuka III: Cosmos Troupe". It's something like a yearbook, with interviews, pictures, and general silliness of the actresses in a particular troupe of the Takarazuka Kagekidan. In this case, this would be the third installment of this mook for my favorite troupe, Sora - the last one, in fact, for the Top Stars Wao Youka and Hanafusa Mari.

This is the poster for the final stage, or the last show before retirement, of current Yuki Top Stars Mizu Natsuki and Aihara Mika, Roger / Rock On! I have to agree with a friend of mine that the way the titles are written in the poster, they could just as easily be read as "Lodger / Lock On!" - and then you wonder what it really means in terms of the story....

...Yeah, I'm in sackcloth and ashes over Mizu's impending retirement, and I haven't even recovered from Ayabuki Mao's yet - Yumiko's last day in the Kagekidan is on April 25....

And just because all of a sudden the fannish circles in LiveJournal and, to a limited extent, Facebook, are all agog over him and his first full-length Doctor Who episode - I present the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his absolutely EPIC hair.

I am SO looking forward to the episode written for him by none other than NEIL FREAKING GAIMAN.

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