Friday, May 28, 2010

And I haven't even bought a copy of book 12 yet...

...because I'm waiting for the paperback to finally show up in my country.

Anyway, The Wheel of Time fans can now check out the cover artwork for the thirteenth book in the series.

Image from here. Do I smell a bloody rescue mission, at long last?!

Towers of Midnight is part two of the three-part finale to Robert Jordan's massive fantasy series The Wheel of Time. After Jordan's untimely death in 2007, Brandon Sanderson was pretty much hand-picked to finish the books, based on the extensive notes and material that Jordan left behind.

The twelfth book, The Gathering Storm, came out last year. Towers of Midnight is scheduled for an October 2010 release. And the finale of The Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, is currently expected to come out in 2011.

I started reading this stuff after 1999, since I was introduced to the books by none other than my boyfriend. He has the entire series so far in paperback, and that's the other reason why we haven't picked up a copy of The Gathering Storm yet. Now I'm just as much of a fan as he, and I'm so looking forward to finally reading the climax and ending of this whole saga.

I have such high expectations of the final two books; the all-around awesome in The Gathering Storm is a major cause, but mainly it's just that, wow, how long has it been since this whole thing got started? It will be so hard to wait until next year to finally see the tale of The Wheel of Time completed, a full 21 years after it began.

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roxy said...

hello :) stumbled onto your blog by following link after link and i got to this post and ... well, your a robert jordan fan too.

i'm supposed to have a copy of book 12 -- my brother got me that as a christmas present when he went to the US -- except he chose to bring home his gf's shoes instead of my book.

so i'm the proud owner of book 12 which, unfortunately, has yet to reach my greedy hands.

i hope it doesn't disappoint. i wasn't too happy beginning book 7, but was quite please with book 11. hopefully the new author remembers all the reasons why we all began reading it in the first place.